Case Study – Community Living team get their weekends back with new AP Automation

In our latest case study, we look at the challenges the team at Community Living were facing with their accounts payable (AP) process, and how BES provided a solution that turned the system on its head.


Community Living Logo

Community Living (CL) provides a wide range of support services to people living with intellectual disabilities. The main goal of this non-governmental organisation (NGO) is to help people with disabilities live their dreams through community connections.

Community Living’s finance team has used the Sage 300 ERP platform to support its accounting practices for more than 10 years. However, over time, as the organisation grew the AP process became more of a hindrance, and Community Living Accounts Specialist Sandra Levesque describes it as being “very manual.”

The labour-intensive process took two, sometimes three, finance team members to process Community Living’s 500+ monthly AP invoices. Not to mention they’d often work weekends to get it done. By March 2020 the team was more than ready for a solution to their AP problems.

Find out the solution and its benefits in our customer case study with Community Living.