Workflow Solutions


BES delivers a number of workflow solutions which will allow you to configure workflows to match your business processes including delegated authority approval levels.

Some benefits are:

  • The Finance Manager can establish standard business processes that will be enforced across all users
  • There is complete visibility of who has provided the approvals at each level within the workflow.
  • As the system enforces a standard business process, this will minimise opportunities for fraud
  • Setting standard workflows will reduce training time for new users.

Examples of workflows that are benefitting our current customers are

  • Controlling the addition of new customers and vendors
  • Establishing a workflow for changes to vendor bank account numbers
  • Approvals workflow for vendor payments
  • Approvals workflow for supplier invoices
  • Approvals for purchase requisitions (most widely used  workflow)
  • GL budget checking – to check that there are sufficient funds for a purchase

Purchasing Example

As an example a company may have purchasing levels as follows:

Purchasing levels:

  • up to 20K – approval by Departmental Manager
  • up to 50K – approval by Line of Business Manager
  • over 50K – approval by both Manager X and also Manager Y

As with other systems provided by BES, the users will be able to work with the system in a mobile environment – from their smart phones and tablets (including iOS and Android).

The workflow solutions force the business processes to be followed, as the users cannot bypass these controls. As this system is fully integrated into Sage 300 ERP, it also creates the appropriate transactions.


  • Stay within budget: Users will be able to use this workflow engine to immediately check budget availability
  • Processes handled electronically instead of paper-based
  • Reduce Errors: Identify data entry errors before it is too late
  • Reduce fraud opportunities: Mandatory approvals can be set for sensitive items