Solver’s BI360 Suite

BES offer this budgeting and forecasting solution to customers requiring a cost effective solution.

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Solver’s BI360 Suite consists of several solutions:  Reporting, Budgeting, Dashboards, Data Warehousing and Collaboration.


BI360 Reporting

Detailed reports, drag and drop simplicity

Using an Outlook-style interface in Excel, users can drag and drop to create complete financial statements or operational reports without ever having to manually key in a single formula. The result is professionally presented in Microsoft Excel, Web and on mobile devices, and users can refresh reports on-demand and drill down to detail, thus eliminating the need to prepare and distribute report books.


BI360 Budgeting

Flexible, user-friendly budgeting and forecasting

BI360 budgeting, forecasting and modeling features

  • Choose from three types of Input Sheet methods: standard BI360 templates, customize standard BI360 templates, or design your own input forms with BI360.
  • Use budget input templates for profit and loss, balance sheet, cash flow, payroll, capital expenses, revenues, projects and more.
  • Design or use input templates for monthly forecasting and modeling.
  • Allows for multi-year budgets and rolling forecasts.
  • Break-back modeling: Enter target Net Profit and have BI360 automatically generate the entire budget or forecast based on an algorithm.
  • Predictive analytics: Use a special BI360 prediction model to estimate revenues based on external and internal risks and opportunities, and BI360 will automatically calculate the expense side of the budget and forecast for one or multiple years forward.
  • Allocations: BI360 can perform simple or advanced multi-step allocations. For example, to allocate expenses from a corporate entity and out to operating units, or to allocate expenses from departments and out to projects, products or customers for profitability models.
  • Built-in spreading tools as well as line item details.
  • Text comments can be applied at any level.
  • Advanced workflow, with multi-step approvals, notifications and discussion area.
  • Modern and detailed user security.
  • Very rich, analytical and easy to understand end-user environment.


BI360 Dashboards

Easy integration and web based convenience

BI360 dashboards unify your most important assets—your people and your data. These convenient, web-based dashboards help you visualize trends, identify issues, and ultimately drive success. BI360 provides real-time dashboards integrated live into Sage 300 ERP


BI360 Data Warehouse

Centralise, consolidate and simplify your data at a fraction of the cost

The BI360 data warehouse is a next-generation, pre-configured and customizable data warehouse based on the world-leading Microsoft SQL Server platform. Now all your key data, whether in-house or cloud-based, can be stored and available for consolidated reporting, analysis and dashboards.

BI360 Collaboration

It’s more than communication, it’s true collaboration

BI360 Collaboration is a fundamental shift in the way enterprises can analyze, discuss, and make decisions about their business. With Collaboration, you can interact with anyone in your organization, at any time, in any location, to jointly drive efficiency and performance in all areas of your business.


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