Tracking Costs


Unlike for-profit businesses that exist to generate profits for their owners, public service or nonprofit organisations pursue missions that address the needs of society. Nonprofit organisations serve in a variety of sectors, such as religious, education, health and social services.

Their accounting, budgeting and cost control requirements therefore require a different emphasis. The main differences are that these organisations operate within a heavily regulated business environment and always have limited funds.  They will have great objectives but finding funding is often challenging.

BES have many customers in this sector including Community Living Trust, The Bishopric of Aotearoa, Anglesea Medical and Mercy Healthcare.

The BES solution for ensuring that detailed cost control is delivered uses a combination of the Project Job Costing solution together with the purchasing workflow and funds availability solutions.  This solution delivers the ability track costs at a detailed level to and not exceed the budget.

The following are some examples where this combination delivers detailed costs tracking:

Community Living Trust uses this solution to track the costs for each of their vehicles. The benefit is that they are able to analyse costs at a much more detailed level than just using a cost account within the GL.  As an example, they track both the petrol and repairs and maintenance costs for each of their vehicles.

The Governor General of Australia uses these solutions:

  • to manage the annual project of nominations, recommendations and allocation for the Order of Australia honorary awards
  • to manage the various gardening projects across several buildings


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