Sage 300 ERP Project and Job Costing delivers efficient management of estimating, tracking, costing, and billing of projects—simplifying cost control and planning so you deliver on time and on budget, every time.

Many project managers spend a great deal of time and effort trying to get a handle on elusive project costs. Effective project management requires a high level of communication between all entities involved, so you can know what materials and costs have been ordered or delivered and who has been billed. Not to mention tracking other resources, such as time spent on each project or job.

Sage 300 ERP Project and Job Costing makes it easy to estimate projects, enter and report costs, and track billings, payments, and profits. With categories that are easily customised to meet virtually any specification needed, it’s flexible enough to manage large or small projects for any business environment. Also, you won’t need to retrain your staff, as project information can be entered in transaction entry screens within Sage 300 ERP modules. Featuring streamlined integration with key Sage 300 ERP modules and extensive custom reporting capabilities, Project and Job Costing puts you in control of project costs with better tracking, enhanced efficiency, and greater accuracy.



  • Automated Project And Job Costing

Get the efficiency of automated project and job costing without breaking your budget, straining internal resources, or compromising on functionality.

  • Flexible Estimates, Billing, and Profit Recognition

Maintain profitability using comprehensive budgeting and profit analysis tools to determine if projects are on track, costs are in line, and resources are properly allocated throughout the project.

  • Tightly Integrated

Easily connect with other Sage 300 ERP modules to eliminate the need for data reentry to lower the risk of errors and improve data accuracy.

  • Comprehensive Reports and Inquiries

Easily accessible reports and drill-downs provide detailed, summary, and exception reports to exceed project and job costing requirements.

  • Secure Business Integrity

Protect your most valuable asset—your data. The tight security of Project and Job Costing ensures that your vital information is protected.


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