Budgeting and Forecasting

Budgeting and Forecasting


Establishing an agreed budget and providing forecasts can be a complex requirement. The BES team can help you to make these projects as efficient as possible.

We assist many of our customers to access the data that they need to create their annual budgets and set up their forecasting environment.  Our team can provide templates, Excel access and migrations and lots of advice.

For our customers who require a more formal approach to their budgeting and forecasting cycles, we work closely with the New Zealand based team offering a solution from idu.

idu Software – Financial Budgeting

Without the right tools, budgeting can be a disconnected and time-consuming process.

idu-Concept removes the frustration and potential for error of managing multiple spreadsheets and versions. By using a real-time system that budget owners access via the web, our customers are able to take their budgets from start to finish in three weeks or less. Forecasts are over in days.

idu has designed their system for non-financial users. idu-Concept is easy to use and understand, which helps build budget buy-in and make cost centre managers accountable for the numbers they produce. With faster budget turnaround times, reduced administration, and greater budget ownership, financial specialists can shift their focus from collecting budget information to the far more valuable task of analysing financial plans.


Contact us and we look forward to talking about your business issues with you. Our team understands how people, the processes and the systems work together to create solutions for these business issues.