Managing Multiple Currencies


Buying and selling internationally requires that you comply with global accounting standards, support multiple currencies, and even run your software in multiple languages.  No matter in what currency you trade, the Sage 300 ERP Multicurrency Manager module can support it and empower your company for global business.

You can create and maintain an unlimited number of currencies and exchange rates. What’s more, you can enter transactions in any currency and produce reports in both your home currency and your vendor’s and/or customer’s currency. Seamless integration across financial and distribution modules ensures currency gain or loss is automatically calculated to reflect currency fluctuation as transactions are settled.

In addition, multiple revaluation methods are available for calculating exchange fluctuations. Leverage the robust multicurrency capabilities with the financial modules to consolidate companies held in different currencies, report on companies in any currency, and process intercompany transactions to companies held in any currency.



  • Complies with global standards. Easily maintain international currency standards and eliminate the complexities of multinational commerce so you can capitalize on the global economy.
  • Powerful and flexible. Extend the reach of your business into global markets. Versatile transaction processing and language translation capabilities provide the flexibility you need to achieve global growth.
  • Seamless connectivity. Multicurrency Manager seamlessly integrates with all financial and manufacturing modules, so you can eliminate redundant data entry and automate your workflow process.
  • Automated efficiency. Eliminate costly mistakes while transacting business in unlimited currencies with instant conversions of foreign currencies to your currency and vice versa.
  • Comprehensive reports and inquiries. Transform your data to gain the insight you need to more effectively manage your business with flexible, customizable reporting. Communicate with your customers and vendors in their currency and automatically post realized/unrealized gains and losses to your general ledger.


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