The BES team has created a series of Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards that show both financial and operational data relating to your commercial business.

The product BES use for this is QlikView, which is a leading BI solution globally.

This dashboard tool allows powerful graphical visualisation without the need for hundreds of spreadsheets. Many of our customers use their dashbords when they are working on their business strategies.

Dashboards can present almost any data that is available – financial, operational, currency rates, industry benchmarks, etc. The data presented can be across business locations – either separately or consolidated.

The dashboards are always up to date and can be accessed anytime, from anywhere.

These dashboards can graphically show by individual location or consolidated across the business. Examples are:

  • Sales and Margin and Volume Analysis
  • Reporting by an unlimited number of categories such as customer group or industry group
  • Sensitivity Analysis – dynamically shows the result of “What If’ questions
  • Customer Trend Analysis
  • Debtor Aging – including days outstanding
  • Financial Ratios such as debt to equity ratio
  • Inventory Management – identifying stockout or other situations which have a major impact

The BES team can work with you to identify the data that is important to you for your current needs and also for your future planning.  They have developed many templates for tour commercial customers which means a short turnaround from your requests.


  • Provides visibility for critical business issues by highlighting exceptions
  • Delivers information rapidly to enable actions to be taken
  • Removes the need for hundreds of spreadsheets
  • Removes the duplicate data entry and the errors inherent with spreadsheets


Contact us and we look forward to talking about your business issues with you. Our team understands how people, the processes and the systems work together to create solutions for these business issues.