Managing Procurements & Approvals

Implementing Approvals to Control Expenditure

The Web Procurement Workflow system allows you to set delegated authority approval levels against your item budgets and then allocate purchasing limits across your team. This increases your control as the appropriate approvals will be completed before the purchasing orders are placed.

As an example, there will be several items such as stock feed or fertiliser that will be purchased throughout the year but will have an impact on the cash flow. You could allocate the approval levels like this:

Stock Feed – Annual Budget of 750,000

Purchasing levels for the Farm Manager

  • up to 50K – no approval needed
  • up to 75K – approval by Manager X
  • over 75K – approval by both Manager X and also Manager Y

As with other systems provided by BES, the farm managers will be able to work with the system in a mobile environment – from their smart phones and tablets (including iOS and Android). As an example, they could request and receive an approval from within the RD1 store.

The Web Procurement Workflow solution forces the business processes to be followed, as the users cannot bypass these controls. As this system is fully integrated into Sage 300 ERP, it also creates a Purchase Order when the requisition is fully approved.


  • Staying within the budget: Users will be able to use this workflow engine to immediately check budget availability.
  • Processes handled electronically instead of paper-based
  • Reduce Errors: Identify data entry errors before it is too late
  • Reduce fraud opportunities: Mandatory approvals can be set for sensitive items

Increase the control that you have over procurement procedures.

This web procurement system is now used by over 600 customers globally, including Fieldays in Mystery Creek. Contact the BES team to see how this can enhance your procurement processes.