Livestock Tracking/Accounting

Understanding Livestock Values in Real time


BES provides a Livestock Tracking Program, which accounts for and shows current animal values and is fully integrated into Sage 300 ERP.

This flexible system will track the value of livestock within animal classifications that make sense to each farm manager.

In addition to the changes in animal numbers, automated animal value increases and reclassifications are also tracked.

Livestock Tracking

  • Animal classes configurable for each siteLivestock tracking
  • Perpetual inventory – purchases, sales, births, deaths and missing animals
  • Revaluation monthly for increase in value
  • Reports on number of animals by farm by class
  • Full audit trail of transactions

The value of livestock on hand and costs of missing and dead animals are automatically updated within the financial accounting systems.

The result is that the topic of livestock values is clearly displayed for discussions within the farm management team and also available for the discussions with the financial backers or bankers.


The Livestock Tracking Program is very flexible, easy to use and visually interesting and we would love to show it to you. We look forward to including your stock classifications numbers so that you will see the value too.